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Automated all the time!

As soon as your digital dictation file is complete and downloaded, it's sent directly to our secure server for transcription. You have the opportunity to watch the progress of your files real-time, and when your transcription is complete, you'll receive automatic e-mail notification to retrieve your file via the web.

A successful Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program brings clinicians, staff and health information management professionals together to train more confident, efficient accurate users, increase coding precision and improve the revenue cycle, and more accurately reflect the quality of care delivered. Click to learn more.

Archival Services & Versioning Control!

Retrieve and store your patient files securely, privately and confidentially online for easy 24/7 access. You can search and retrieve files, edit files as necessary, with each version automatically stored in our database and accessible to you at all times. 

Hiring, training and maintaining that in-house knowledge and experience is costly and complex. We can help you simplify your internal processes and reduce outlay without sacrificing quality or results for your clients.

Built-In Audit Features!

Genesis automatically records who has accessed a file, and when. You can track and audit the activity on each of your patient's files.


Medical Coding

A medical claim is only as good as its charges are accurate. For physicians and hospitals outsourcing their revenue cycle management process, medical coding services drive value and results to bottom-line financial performance.

Optional Intraorganizational File Sharing Available!